Veggie Thumper sees uptick in business

Veggie Thumper owner Lyssa Wade says she’s seen her sales increase dramatically during the pandemic.

DES MOINES, Iowa — COVID-19 has skyrocketed sales for many local food trucks in the metro.

One of those businesses is Veggie Thumper, which specializes in vegan dishes.

“I did a months worth of sales in almost a week,” said Veggie Thumper owner Lyssa Wade.

Wade said customers started hearing about her business during the pandemic. She saw another uptick in sales following a social push for residents to support black-owned businesses.

She thought she might lose out on business after 50-60 events decided to cancel due to the virus, but instead more people turned to her business.

“For the time being we’ve turned off online orders because there is one of me and a hundred of you guys, but I’m thankful. I just can’t keep up with both orders, so we’re just going to do walk ups for now,” she explained. 

Restrictions at dine-in restaurants might be why people are turning to food trucks, as resident Mark Stewart said. 

“It, of course, makes since. Right now you can’t go into restaurants and sit down and this is a great option to just pull up and get your food,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Wade continues to do her part to keep her customers full with good food and safe from illness.

“There’s a lot of cleaning going on and extra steaming and finding what I can to make sure everything stays sanitary,” she said.

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