Support of QC black-owned restaurants grows on social media

The QC Empowerment Network says there’s roughly 100 black-owned businesses in the Quad Cities.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A list circulating social media is encouraging the support of black-owned restaurants in the Quad Cities. 

Tracy White with the QC Empowerment Network says there’s roughly 100 black-owned businesses in the area, and says the network hopes to bring more support to the community.   

“Part of what we’re trying do at the network is squash the perception that black-owned businesses only cater to a black consumer,” White says. “That’s not true. They’re a business like everyone is a business.”

She hopes people don’t just support them now, but always.

“Please don’t just support because of whats happening now,” she says. “Understand that you’re gonna truly help build the community by supporting a black-owned business.”

Bayside Bistro Owner LaTisha Howlett says small businesses are the backbones of communities, and while the awareness from the list is always appreciated, it’s about what they do with that awareness.

“It’s up to each business owner that’s on that flyer that has a business to make sure that they have repeat business,” Howlett says. 

Over at GruBeez on the other side of town, Owner Antonio Perkins says it starts in his kitchen. 

“It has a lot to do with great food and the menu you choose to offer,” Perkins says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a white company. If you have bad food, people wont come back.” 

While he’s encouraged by the post, he’s not sure one list can change everything. 

“It’s hard to get people other than black people to come to your black-owned business,” Perkins says. “Until you can cross that threshold really, more people can see, you’re not whatever they depict you to be.” 

For a a copy of the full list of black-owned businesses in the Quad Cities, reach out to the QC Empowerment Network, via email or Facebook

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