My Beautiful Fluff


Wanting to embrace my journey back to natural hair I wanted to get the t-shirt with the colorful beautiful afros. However, they only went up to 3x or they were men’s shirts with the design on the front. I knew there had to be something for me. Curvaceous Curls was born which was the name originally until I decided I want to focus on clothing designed with curves in mind on a bigger scale. I remember the childhood nick name of fluffy that my mom so affectionately gave me from that Curvaceous Curls became the first design under My Beautiful Fluff. 

I wanted My Beautiful Fluff to be empowering, motivating and encourage women to love themselves as they are. 


Each shirt is cut to accommodate curves and fluff with custom to cut to my size chart with sizes L to 5xl. Each tote has exclusive designs by the talented Kayla Clay. We want our designs to be fun and beautiful so that you can weave them for a night with the girls or to the gym. 

“Self love means loving yourself as you are today and embracing the beauty within ”

— Brittany Washington

My Beautiful Fluff is a business set up by Brittany Washington in Iowa to provide pro pus sized women clothing.

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