Metro business owners say Blackout Day mentality needed beyond Tuesday


Tuesday marked Blackout Day 2020 — A call to action for Black consumers and consumers interested in supporting the Black community to spend money at Black-owned businesses.

Black-owned businesses in the Des Moines metro include everything from real estate agents, restaurants, child care and clothing stores.

Angela Jackson opened The Great Frame Up, a custom frame business and art gallery, 15 years ago in West Des Moines,

Jackson said her hope is that Blackout Day becomes an everyday consideration that helps Black-owned businesses on the road to success.

“I was blessed,” Jackson said. “I had the opportunity to get an SBA loan. I am thankful that I had a good business partner in the bank I worked with over the years. I have great customers and a great customer base. I have a great staff (and) a great team.”

Joey Townsell, owner of The Mustang Grill in Grimes, said he is grateful for support on Blackout Day when times are tough.

Townsell said operating a Black-owned business in a majority white town was not his biggest hurdle. Instead, he struggled to get a loan to help finance his dream.

“When we first started, we did (struggle), he said. “Now, with everything else going on we got through with some help, PPD and all that, and other loans. SBA loans … it has helped us keep going. Otherwise, we would be shut down.”

Jackson and Townsell said Blackout Day 2020 helps give their businesses community support that will keep them going for years to come.

For a list of Black-owned businesses in central Iowa, visit The Directors Council website.

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